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What to expect from your coaching engagement

Coaching is a unique partnership intended to develop professional insight, drive business outcomes, and deliver elite performance. 

Phase 1: Contracting and Chemistry Session

A. Together we will address what the Individual (client) and key stakeholders aspire to achieve in the coaching engagement.

B.  A meeting will be held to assess the suitability of the coach and the individual (Chemistry Session).

C.  Metrics of success for the coaching engagement will be identified.

D.   A coaching contract will be reviewed and signed.


Phase 2:  Planning (Session 2 and 3)

A. Coach and client create an individualized development plan
with SMART goals, with milestones to track coach and
client progress.
B. 360 interviews with appropriate stakeholders and team
members will be held.
C. A meeting with coach, client and the client’s
stakeholders will take place to present discoveries from the 360 assessment
and draft coaching plan.


Phase 3: Coaching/Facilitating the Learning Plan

A. Coach will use an evidence-based coaching model, catering to the needs of the individual and the organization, to guide sessions.
B. At the onset of each session, the coach will review the prior
week's work and review goals set in the previous session.

C. After the goals review, the coach will support the client to define what s/he aspires to accomplish during the current session.

D. Coach facilitates a meeting between the stakeholder, client and coach mid-way through coaching engagement. Coach works with the
client and stakeholders to revise the Development Plan, if


Phase 4: Completion/Debriefing

A. Coach facilitates a debriefing of the coaching engagement, providing
both coach and client an opportunity to give feedback.
B. Client has an opportunity to articulate his or her key takeaways
and ongoing growth and development plan.
C. Coach meets with key stakeholders and client to assess
Client growth and development.
D. Coach provides a written report with feedback for the client and
E. A coaching evaluation will be scheduled.
F. A post-coaching evaluation two to six months after the coaching enagagement will take place.
G. Follow-up coaching sessions will occur at three and six months after coaching engagement  to assess the client’s progress in meeting set developmental goals.

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